Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Driving is about one thing for me above everything else. And that thing is Freedom. 

I remember passing my motorcycle Test in 1974 and ripping off the 'L' plates and feeling like I had won a million pounds! It was so cool it was amazing.

I went out and bought a bigger bike and my freedom was assured...

The same thing happened when I passed the driving test for a car...Not only did I have the freedom to drive a bigger vehicle but I could take others along with me! Fantastic!

As the years have passed by that sense of freedom is still with me and I will often just 'go for a drive'...for no particular reason. Just simply because I can.

How many times have you done that recently?

I guess not many.

Most people drive for a reason. To get to a friends, or go to see a movie or drop the kids off or take a vacation. Countless reasons but few are just for the fun of driving. 

Consequently emotions run high because you are in a rush or just want to get out of the traffic etc etc.

 Countless Reasons...but none of them fill you with that sense of freedom that you had back on that fantastic day when you passed the Test. 

Think back to that time NOW...

See the things you saw back at that time, notice the sounds associated with that memory and take a minute to really remember what it FELT like...

Notice where the feelings are and double the power of that feeling. If it's spin it spin it faster, if it's pulsing increase the frequency and build it up so that you have a sense of freedom throughout your body. Just like when you first went out driving for FUN.

I think that we should all be doing things for Fun and take life a little less seriously. Let someone else get serious for you. That's what I like to do. 

Problems are only problems because you hang onto them and really take them seriously. I heard someone once say:

"Y'know looking back on that problem I had a while just seems funny I was bothered!"

"Why did you wait so long to laugh at it. You should have laughed then and got over it IMMEDIATELY mate!" I replied.

I have said this to quite a few of my clients and some of them have laughed then. Helps you deal with the problem...doesn't it?

Remember the book :

How about a new one:


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